FoSA "Life Bus"

The mission of Faces of Santa Ana is to locally build relationships with those in need, while also inspiring global spectators and supporters of the movement. Over the last year Faces of Santa Ana has begun to feel more and more like a family. The desire on my heart is now to live and be more like a family. 

The FOSA "Life Bus" aims to be an embodiment of that idea. It's truly a bus for us to do "Life" together. It's the next step in breaking down walls of "us and them". The "Life Bus" will be a multipurpose vehicle created from a renovated small school bus. This vehicle will be used to transport our newfound friends to events like surf camps, camping trips, family dinners, church, etc.

Life Bus features will include but not be limited to:

  • Business Center- Computer access for job searching and connecting with family. 
  • Emergency Shelter- A renovated interior will provide modular bedding and storage solutions. Basic Hygiene- A small sink attached to a water container interested into the interior. 
  • Small kitchen- A mini fridge and microwave will provide small meals on the go. 
  • Awareness Mobile - The bus itself will be designed to bring awareness to homeless population in our city. It will highlight the individual personalities in the FOSA family and offer opportunities to spread our mission. 

Thank you in advance for your generosity and help in realizing the "Life Bus" dream. My heart is to show the people in my city and others around the world the power of loving those whom are not like you. Your donation helps FoSA to live in purpose, on purpose. 


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