The success of the Faces of Santa Ana short documentary has led us to dream even BIGGER.   In partnership with FoSA non-profit, Retina Cam Productions is crowd-funding to shoot a feature length documentary that you can support by way of a tax-free donation.  In shedding light on the one on one, human to human approach learned from Brian, we know the telling of continuing stories in a feature film will be seen by a wide and vast audience. We believe the power of this film will inspire other individuals and communities to change their ways of viewing and addressing the homeless.  Please help to spread this inspiration to the world by donating to the film.  Thank you for your support.

Feature Film Promo Video

About the Filmmakers



Born in Pakistan and raised in the US, Daud has a passion for telling stories through visual medium which is evident in the  personal touch of his filmmaking style. Daud has written and directed short films, commercials and music videos while working his way to making his debut feature film in 2017.  What drew Daud to filming the “Faces of Santa Ana” story is Brian’s one on one, human to human interaction with each and every homeless person he’s helped, proving that compassion and love on a personal level works.


Wendy is an award-winning producer of both narrative and documentary film content.  Her films have been selected to screen in twenty festivals including the prestigious Napa Valley Film Festival and the American Documentary Film Festival having won seven awards in the process.  Wendy was touched by Brian Peterson’s story from the minute she met him and has been driven to share it with as many as possible.  The overwhelming success of the short film has reignited her desire to tell the ongoing Faces of Santa Ana story with the making of a feature length documentary.